Why Meander


You choose whether your recorded moments are private or shared

Build your time line as you record memories and when you accept other peoples’ memories

You can edit memories at any time, filter the view or search in many ways


Capture your story one memory at a time

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Your Life Is Unique

You have a story to tell. Your life is unique, made up of many moments and accomplishments, all of which you want to have easily available to you, and to selected friends and family.

You are looking for a solution which is easy to use, but it is hard to know where to start, and getting it done seems like a huge task!

Share Memories With Those People Closest To You

You might be using social media, like Facebook, to record and share moments, usually with a photo or video, which is great for ‘in the moment’ sharing.

However, do you find that you don’t always want to share some moments with all your ‘friends’ on social media? Some memories are not for sharing with everybody, and sometimes you are not sure how some ‘friends’ may react?

And you can’t always share with people who are not on social media!

Have you ever had difficulty finding specific posts later? (unless you are super organised!)? With MyMeander you can find any Memory as fast as Google!

And do you ever wonder who can see your stuff? And what is being done with it? With MyMeander you have total control over who can see your Memories.

Did you know that because social media are ‘free’ that they own your data and sell it to others? With MyMeander your Memories and data are owned by you.

Your Life On One Screen

You may also want to share moments from earlier in your life (before Facebook, i.e. 2007!) that are associated with special dates or times in your life. MyMeander lets you edit the start date of your Time Line! This means you can access any Memory of yours in one place, on one screen!!

And to find and share your many photos, films, slides, postcards, letters and other memorabilia with friends and family is hard

  • they are not always digital,
  • they are all over the place (in boxes, cupboards, other people’s houses, attics and albums),
  • records are often unorganised, and
  • memories are very hard to share on the internet with family and friends around the world.

Simple, yet effective application

Meander is a simple, yet effective application which allows you to overcome all the disadvantages of social media.
You can:

  • Record memories and events quickly and easily, and for each memory you can choose if and with whom you wish to share
  • Those shared in to a moment can contribute their own memories of that moment, and send you any further media, such as photos, videos, documents etc. which can add value to the recorded moment. These contributions we call ‘memory bubbles’ and are linked to the recorded memory
  • You can see all your recorded memories from a date of your choosing, and can quickly find any memory, all on one screen
  • You own your data, and have access to it at any time
  • Your memories are private and secure

By recording memories one at a time, when you feel like it, the story of your life gets built easily, taking away the problem of starting the task of recording your life story.

And it is free to use! We are committed to keeping a free version available for any user. People who want to record more details or who want added functionality can choose to upgrade to the Premium option for a low cost subscription.