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About Us

and how the app came to be

Meet the couple

behind the app

Nev and Jodie Beard, from Perth, Western Australia

We make a great duo – Nev is the left-brain, techie nerd guy and I, am the right-brain arty crafty girl.

We came up with the idea for My Meander a while back, when I asked Nev to help me think of a way I could capture the interesting bits of my life story with input from my family and close friends. At the time, I had in mind a real-world solution that incorporated some of the creative aspects of scrapbooking along with ‘bite-size’ journaling (keeping it short and sweet), and ‘postcards’ or comment cards from the people who shared these moments or events with me.

Nev suggested a digital solution of sorts, and the rest is history. Well not quite. But we have come up with a great way of recording our personal history on a secure and private platform, where we choose who sees each memory we capture. A collection of these moments and memories that make up our life stories is pulled together on our personal timeline. It’s like having our own autobiography on one page!

For us being able to do this is particularly important – our immediate family is spread across four continents and various time zones. Sharing past and recent moments with them has helped to bring us all a little closer, kept us in touch with family and old friends, and created a collection of beautiful old memories pieced together by all involved.

We hope that you will get a kick out of MyMeander, and find it as rewarding, and enjoyable as we do.