What’s to love about MyMeander?

Why do people love MyMeander?

We asked a few users what they love about MyMeander, and here are the top 4 responses:

Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.comChoose your audience 

You get to choose just how private each memory is on your MyMeander timeline.  You can select one or more people to share a memory with (typically, those who were there, sharing the moment with you), or you can choose not to share it with anyone – a private moment for your eyes only.

Add and editAdd to or Edit your Memories

You can go back to any memory you’ve recorded, and add more information, another image, or share with more people at any time.  Others enhance your Memories when they send Memory Bubbles.  You can even delete a memory if you want to!

No Ads, No Clutter!

Your story and timeline is all yours!  You won’t have to scroll past ads or promotional posts on your timeline.  If your timeline looks really busy, it’s because you’ve recorded a lot of memories!

Connecting and reconnecting with your People

As much fun as it is to record your memories and build your story, the real beauty of MyMeander is that it connects family and friends through shared memories – I love reading the Memory Bubbles and seeing how each person I shared a memory with has their own story to tell about that moment!