The Value of a Memory

We often share photos and articles in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media which reflect our current activities and interests. And although these are interesting to others, are they really a lasting reflection of your life? Would a review of your social posts reveal who you really are and what is important to you? And would your descendants understand the importance and context of the images and posts? What makes a shared moment special and memorable?

The ingredients of a special Memory

Firstly, it is the people who were with you, who shared in the moment and the events leading up to it, who are important. A joke is funnier when shared; a beautiful sunset cannot be explained, only experienced together; the significance of a look in the context of the moment; the celebration at the end of a challenging course.

Secondly, it is the context surrounding the moment. That crazy, fun evening when you did not know that this was the last time you would be together; standing at an airport waiting to see the face you love in the crowd; singing along with a huge crowd at a concert you saved hard to attend; jumping into a pool in sub zero temperatures after a lengthy stay in the sauna; the music playing when you locked eyes with the person you would fall in love with… and so many more.

Lastly, it is the process of sharing the memory with those who were there that cements your relationship and makes it memorable forever. Families do this when gathering for traditional get-togethers – family legends that everyone knows, but loves to hear again. Close friends and family do it with just a word or phrase that they both know refers to a shared moment. Couples do it with simple comments and gestures.

Preserve those special moments forever!

The data in most social media is owned by the company behind the website and app. That means you may not be able to access your recorded memories in the future. MyMeander offers you control over every single Memory you record and who you share each one with. MyMeander is built with the premise that the data belongs to you, the user. MyMeander also offers other features that allow you to edit memories at any time, easily search and filter through them, and share them with selected friends and family so they can add their own contribution to the Memory, or keep them all to yourself.