Family Legends

Everyone has a story to tell

Some parts are interesting, and others may seem dull. There are sad bits and scary bits, and then there are the stories that are hold-your-sides, snort-laughing funny! The best of these involve one or more family members or friends, or you doing something extraordinarily crazy, dumb or embarrassing. Maybe at the time it wasn’t so funny, but later it becomes that story that guarantees a good belly-laugh from the story-teller and their audience. In some cases, the humour lies in how the story has been embellished over the years of telling, until what really happened is only vaguely hinted at amid the elaborations. Others though don’t need adding to – they are outrageously hilarious in their pure form.

These are the stories that resurface at any family gathering where the hero of the story is either in the audience or the subject of discussion. The unwritten rule is that it’s only told once in a blue moon so that it holds its charm over the years.

I’ve recorded a few of these family legends on my timeline in MyMeander

None are more appealing to me than the one I’m about to tell. the story is over 40 years old, crops up on occasional visits from family (we’re all scattered across the globe) and has never needed any enhancing – it’s unbelievable enough on its own, and gets me giggling every time!

I’ll keep it short…

Our cat caught a bird and brought it into our house to show my mom
There was quite a lot of jumping around and yelling, and a battle ensued – Mom vs. Cat.
Mom won.
She managed to get the bird away from the cat and ran into the bathroom with my little brother right behind her, shutting the door behind them to keep the cat out.
She stretched up over the sink and loo to open the small window in the bathroom so she could release the stricken bird.
She lost her balance, and the bird fell out of her grip… and landed in the loo.
Horrified, mom swung around to reach down and rescue the bird (again), but her arm caught the flush handle
The bird was whisked off into the suburban sewers.
My little brother was understandably appalled at the turn of events, and suggested then, and every time the story comes up, that the poor little bird would have been better off with the cat…

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This family legend is shared with reluctant permission from Mom

Article written by Jodie Beard – April 2020